Part 1 - Ancient Greece

Michael Lahanas

Portraits and Biographies

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Oebotas of Dyme, stadion race winner 756 BC

Oenopides of Chios

Olbiades of Athens, painter (Pausanias 1.3.5)


Olympias based on a Golden medal, Albukir treasure, Archaeologic Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece

Angelina Jolie as Olympias

Olyntheus of Laconia, stadion race winner 628 and 620 BC
Onesicritus of Salamis, stadion race winner 180 BC

Onomarchus, Phocian general
Orestes von Macedon - König von Macedon
Orphondas of Thebes
Orsippus of Megara, stadion race winner 720 BC

Orthagoras of Sicyon

Othon of Syracuse, stadion race winner 148 BC
Othryades, the Spartan (see also Thyreae)
Oxyathres of Heraclea
Oxythemis of Coroneia, stadion race winner 732 BC

Greek Vase Painter (real name unknown)

Oakeshott-Painter (attischer Painter)
Orchard-Painter (attischer Vasenmaler)

Oedipus Painter
Oinanthe Painter
Painter of oinochoe 1616 in Udine (Apulian Painter)
Painter of oinochoe von Vatikan G 49
Painter of oinochoe Würzburg 351
Oenomaus Painter
Oenophile Painter

Oionocles Painter
Painter of olpe Vatican C-73
Oreithyia Painter
Orestes Painter
Orpheus Painter
Otterlo Painter (Corinthian Painter)
Painter of Oxford 213 (Attic Painter)
Painter of Oxford 218b (Attic Painter)
Painter of Oxford 224 (Attic Painter)
Painter of Oxford 225 (Attic Painter)
Painter of Oxford 236 (Attic Painter)
Painter of Oxford 237 (Attic Painter)
Painter of Oxford 569 (Attic Painter)
Painter of Oxford 1911.256 (Attic Painter)
Painter of the Oxford Grypomachy

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