, the second Heracles from Aetolia
Tlepolemus, Athenian commander at Samos
Tolmaeus, father of Tolmides
Tolmides, father of Theaenetus from Plataea
Tolophus, Aetolian ambassador in Corinth
Torylaus, friend of Brasidas in Thessaly
Torymmas of Thessaly, stadion race winner 460 BC
Troilus of Elis
Tydeus from Chios


 And Tynnichus the Chalcidian affords a striking instance of what I am saying: he wrote nothing that any one would care to remember, Plato

Tynnichus of Chalcis (poet)
Tyrimmas of Macedon

Greek Vase painters (real name unknown)

Tarporley Painter

Painter of Tarquinia (or Tarquinia-Painter)
Telephus Painter
Telos Painter
Thalia Painter
Thaliarchus Painter
Thanatos Painter
Theseus Painter
Thyrsus Painter
Timiades Painter
Timockrates Painter
Tithonus Painter
Titius Painter
Tleson Painter
Toulouse Painter
Toya Painter

Triptolemus Painter
Troilus Painter
Trophy Painter
Truro Painter
Painter of the Truro Pelike

Tyszkiewicz Painter

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