inventor of the break dance, but some do not believe the story since he danced on a table and the Greek tables with three legs as they say cannot be used for such a performance.

Hippocrates of Kos (Physician)
Hippocrates (Tyrant of Gela)
Hippomachus of Elis
Hippostratus of Croton, stadion race winner 564 and 560 BC
Hippostratus of Seleucia in Pieria, stadion race winner 184 BC

Hischylus (Hischylos) (Potter)



Homer the hypothetical author of Odyssey and Iliad, the number of works about him most of speculative character is inverse proportional to what we really know about him, not even the ancient Greeks knew much more. Maybe he was a revolutionary Aoidos who modified writings of the priests. For this reason maybe not respected much by Plato.


Pope Hyginus (Graecus)

Hyperbius of Syracuse, stadion race winner 420 BC

Hyperides Euxenipus, British Museum Pap. 115

Hypereides (Attic Potter)

Hypsis (Vase Painter)

Greek Vase painters (real name unknown)

"H.A." Painter
Haeberlin Painter
Haimon Painter (Attic painter)
Half Palmettes Painter (Attic painter)
Harrow Painter (Attic painter)

Hasselmann Painter (Attic painter)
Hearst Painter
Hegesiboulos Painter (Attic painter)
Heidelberg Painter (Attic painter)
Painter of Heidelberg 86
Painter of Heidelberg 209
Painter of Heidelberg 211
Heimarmene Painter (Attic painter))
Hector Painter (Attic painter)
Helena Painter (Attic painter)
Helmet Painter
Hephaistos Painter (Attic painter)
Heracles Painter (Attic painter)
Hermaios Painter (Attic painter)

Hermonax Painter
Herzegovina Painter (Corinthian painter)

Hesiod Painter (Attic painter)
Hesione Painter (Etruscan painter)
Himera Painter
Hippakontist Painter (Attic painter)

Hippolyte Painter
Hippolytus Painter (Corinthian painter)
Hischylus (Hischylos) Painter
Hoppin Painter (Attic painter)
H.P. -Painter (Attic painter)

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