Part 1 - Ancient Greece

Michael Lahanas

Portraits and Biographies

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Gaius Julius Callistus
Gamedes (Boeotian Potter )
Gamedes ( Vase Painter)
Geneleus (Geneleos)
Gelon of Laconia, stadion race winner 604 BC
Glaucus of Carystus, a boxer who used his hand as a hammer.
Glaucus of Chios
Glaucus of Rhegium
Glaukytes (Attic Potter)
Glycon of Athens
Glycon of Croton, stadion race winner 588 BC

Gorgo, Queen of Sparta

Gorgos (Attic Potter)
Gregory of Nyssa
Gryton (Boeotian Potter)
Gylis of Laconia, stadion race winner 648 BC

Greek vase Painter (real name unknown)

Gales Painter
Gallatin Painter
Ganymed Painter
Ghost Painter
Gela Painter
Geladakis Painter (Corinthian Painter)
Genf Painter
Painter of Geneva Orestes
Geras Painter
Ginosa Painter
Gioia del Colle Painter
Giulia-Painter (Attic Painter)
Golonos Painter
Goltyr Painter
Goluchow Painter (Attic Painter)

Gorgon Painter (Attic Painter)
Painter of the Gotha cup (Attic Painter)
Gravina Painter
Graz Painter
Griffin Painter (Corinthian Painter)

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