Callixenus of Rhodes

Callixenus of Rhodes, a contemporary of Ptolemy Philadelphus was the author of two works, which are lost. The one which bore the title "Peri Alexandreias" consisted of at least four books, and was much used by Athenaeus (Athen. v. p. 196, &c., ix. p. 387, xi. pp. 472, 474, 483; Harpocrat. s. v. eggythike) The second work appears to have been a catalogue of painters and sculptors (zografonte kai andriantopoion anagrafe), of which Sopater, in the twelfth book of his Eclogae had made an abridgement. (Phot. Bibl. Cod. 161 ; comp. Preller, Polem. Fragm. p. 178, &c.)

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