Cleopatra I

Cleopatra I Syra ( Greek: Κλεοπάτρα Σύρα, c. 215-176 BC) was a queen of Ptolemaic Egypt, the daughter of Antiochus III and Laodice. She married Ptolemy V in 193 BC. They had two sons and a daughter, Ptolemy VI of Egypt, Cleopatra II of Egypt, and Ptolemy VIII of Egypt. In 187 BC, she was appointed Vizier. When her husband died in 180 BC, she ruled on behalf of her son Ptolemy VI until her death.

Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt with Ptolemy V and Ptolemy VI
Preceded by: Ptolemy IV and Arsinoe III
Succeeded by: Ptolemy VI

Ancient Egyptian Coins: Monetary Reform in the time of Cleopatra I and Ptolemy VI (180-176BC)

Cleopatra I and Her Impact on the Institutionalization of Power for Royal Ptolemaic Women

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