Erycius (gr. Erykios) the name of two poets, whose epigrams are in the Greek Anthology. The one is called a Cyzicene, the other a Thessalian; and, from the internal evidence of the epigrams, it is probable that the one lived in the time of Sulla, and about 84 BC, the other under the emperor Hadrian. Their epigrams are so mixed up, that it is impossible to distinguish accurately between them, and we cannot even determine which of the two poets was the elder, and which the younger. We only know that the greater number of the epigrams are of a pastoral nature, and belong to Erycius of Cyzicus. (Brunck, Anal. vol. ii. p. 295; Jacobs, Anth. Graec. vol. iii. p. 9, vol. xiii. pp. 891, 892; Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. iv. p. 474.)

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