One of Alexander's officers, son of Hippostratus. At the battle of the Granicus, in 334 BC, he led a body of cavalry which was sent forward to watch the enemy's movements. In the following year Amphotorus was appointed to command the fleet in the Hellespont, and Hegelochus was associated with him as general of the forces, with a commission to drive the Persian garrisons from the islands in the Aegean. In this he was fully successful, the islanders being themselves anxious to throw off the Persan yoke; and he brought the news of his success to Alexander in331 BC, when the king was engaged in the foundation of Alexandria. In the same year he commanded a troop of horse at the battle of Gaugamela ; and in the confession of Philotas, in 330 BC0, he is mentioned as having died in battle. According to the statements of Philotas under the torture, on which, however, no dependence can be placed, Hegelochus, indignant at Alexander's assumption of divine honours, had instigated Parmenion to form a plot against the king's life. (Arr. Anab,. i. 13, iii. 2, 11; Curt. iii. 1, iv. 4, vi. 11; comp. Plut. Alex. 49; Diod. xvii. 79.)

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