Megillus or Megellus ( gr. Μέγιλλος, Μεγελλος), a man of Eleia, in Lucania, was one of those who, under the auspices of Timoleon, recolonised Agrigentum, and gathered together the remnant of its citizens, about B. C. 338. (Plut. Timol. 35 Diod. xvi. 82, 83.) This was the first attempt to restore the city after its desolation by the Carthaginians in B. C. 406. (Diod. xiii. 81,&c.)


Megillus a Lacedaemonian, was one of the three commissioners for ratifying the short and hollow truce with Tissaphernes on behalf of Agesilaus, who had just crossed over to Asia, B. C. 396. (Xen. Hell. iii. 4. § 6.) The more common readings in Xenophon are Megialius and Megialus. One of the interlocutors in the " Laws" of Plato is Megillus, a Lacedaemonian.


Megillus , a writer on arithmetic, mentioned in the Θεολογούμενα Ἀριθμητικῆς, p. 28. (Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. i. p. 852, vol. v. p. 649.)

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