Miltiades the Elder

Miltiades the Elder (died c. 524 BC) was a member of an immensely wealthy Athenian noble family, the Philaids. He is said to have opposed the tyrant Pisistratus, which may explain why he left Athens around 550 BC to found a colony in the Thracian Chersonese (now the Gallipoli Peninsula). The colony was semi-independent of Athens and was ruled by Miltiades until his death around 524 BC. He died childless, leaving his lands to Stesagoras, the son of his half-brother Cimon. Before his death he fortified the peninsula, building a wall across it to defend against incursions by hostile native peoples.

His step-nephew, Miltiades the Younger, later became tyrant of the Thracian Chersonese.


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