Myson of Chen

Myson of Chen is known as one of the Seven Sages of Greece. He was "a husbandman of the Laconian town of Etia, and resided at a place called Chen in the same country".(1)
According to Diogenes Laertius, Sitia / Crete was the home of Myson of Chen

There is some confusion if he was a true Spartan: "there is a story in Plutarch, (Quaest. Rom. 84), of Myson making in winter a fork for tossing the corn, and, when Chilon wondered at it, of his justifying himself by an apposite answer; where Myson is opposed, as a Perioecian farmer, to the noble Spartan"(2)


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See also: Plato Protagoras; Diod. de Virt. et Vit. p. 551. Paus. X 24.1. Clem. Alex. Strom. I. p. 299. Sylf. Steph. Byz. in χην and ητια.

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