Pasion of Acharnai was a slave in the 4th century BC. He was owned by the Antisthenes and Archestratus Banking and Loan Company, located at Piraeus, the harbor five miles out of Athenians. During his slavery, he quickly rose to favor to chief clerk in charge of a money-changing table at the port, and proved so valuable that he was finally freed in gratitude of his faithful service. When his owners retired, Pasion took charge of the bank, and went on to earn the title of a Greek Citizen.

Pasion was the wealthiest and most famous Greek banker. He accumulated around 80 talents. He was owner of a shield factory. Pasion had also slaves, one known to be Phormion. When Pasion retired he leased his bank and factory to Phormion who paid a few thousand drachmas per year.

Pasion was the father (with Archippe) of the orator Apollodorus, who was called the "Eleventh Attic Orator"



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Trapezitae (Banker)

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