Pasippidas (gr. Πασιππίδας), a Lacedaemonian, was employed, in 410 BC, after the battle of Cyzicus, in collecting ships from the allies and appears to have been at Thasos when that island revolted from Sparta in the same year, for he was banished on an accusation of having joined with Tissaphernes in effecting the revolution. He did not, however, remain long in exile, since he is mentioned as the head of the ambassadors sent from Sparta, to the Persian court, in 408 BC, to counteract a rival embassy from Athens, which was also proceeding thither. The envoys, however, didi not advance further than Gordium in Phrygia; for early in the next spring, 407 BC, as they wer resuming their journey, they met another L:acedaemionian embassy returning from the king, whith the intelligence that they had already obtained from him all they wanted. (Xen. Hell. i. 1. § 12, 3. § 13, 4. § 1.)

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