Ptolemy VII Neos Philopator

Ptolemy VII Neos Philopator was an Egyptian king of the Ptolemaic period. His reign is controversial, and it is possible that he did not reign at all, but was only granted royal dignity posthumously.

Even his identity is unclear. According to one reconstruction, he was the son of Ptolemy VI and Cleopatra II of Egypt, he reigned briefly with his father in 145 BC, and for a short time after that, and was murdered by his uncle, Ptolemy VIII, who succeeded him. Alternately, some scholars identify Ptolemy Neos Philopator with Ptolemy Memphites, a son of Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra II who was murdered by his father; or else point to a number of minor co-regents - all of whom were named Ptolemy as was the tradition in the dynasty. By tradition, though, the numbering of the Ptolemies is kept intact. (Occasionally, the numbering is reversed, and Ptolemy VIII Euergetes is numbered as Ptolemy VII, with the boy-king Neos Philopator numbered Ptolemy VIII. in some older sources, Ptolemy VII is omitted altogether. This lowers the numbering of all the later Ptolemies, until Caesarion is Ptolemy XIV; the nicknames are unchanged, of course)

Ptolemaic King of Egypt with Ptolemy VI and Cleopatra II
Preceded by: Ptolemy VI
Succeeded by: Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra II

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