Strongylion, a Greek sculptor, the author of a bronze figure of a horse set up on the Acropolis of Athens late in the 5th century BC, which represented the wooden horse of Troy with the Greek heroes inside it and looking forth. The inscribed basis of this figure has been found.

Other works of the sculptor were a figure of Artemis at Megara, a group of the Muses, and an Amazon which was greatly admired by the emperor Nero.

When the day broke, the Megarians attacked, and being men in armour fighting against men without armour who no longer had even a supply of missiles, they killed the greater number of their opponents. For this reason they had an image made of Artemis Saviour. Here are also images of the gods named the Twelve, said to be the work of Praxiteles. But the image of Artemis herself was made by Strongylion. Pausanias Description of Greece

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