Telephanes (gr. Τηλεφάνης), a Phocian sculptor, who flourished in Thessaly, where he worked for the Persian kings, and, according to Müller, for the Aleuads; but whatever probability there may be for the latter statement, it is not made by Pliny, who is our only authority for the artist. (Plin. H. N. xxxiv. 8. s. 19. § 9; Müller, Archäol. d. Kunst, § 112, n. 1, § 247, n. 6.)

Pliny tells us that, although little known beyond Thessaly, where his works lay concealed from the notice of the rest of Greece, he was mentioned with great praise by artists who had written upon art, and who placed him on an equality with Polycleitus, Myron, and Pythagoras. His works were, Larissa, Spintharus a victor in the pentathlon, and Apollo. As he worked for Darius and Xerxes, he must have flourished in the early part of the fifth century, BC.

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