Telesarchides (gr. Τελεσαρχίδης), an Athenian sculptor, who is mentioned by Eustathius (ad Il. xxiv. 333, p. 1358. 8). as the maker of a Hermes with four heads (Ἑρμῆς τετρακέφαλος), which stood in the Cerameicus at Athens, and bore the following inscription:

Ἑρμῆ τετρακάρηνε, καλὸν Τελεσαρχίδον ἔργον,
πανθ' ὁράας.

(Comp. Heyne, Prisc. Art. Opp. ex Epigyr. Illus' p. 84.) It is also mentioned in the Lexicon of Photius in the following terms, Ἑρμῆς τετρακέφαλος : ἐν Κεραμεικῷ Τελεσαρχίδου ἔργον. There are some grounds for thinking that Raoul-Rochette may be right in his conjecture, that this statue was the celebrated Hermes which stood in the Cerameicus, at the junction of three roads, which is spoken of by the ancient writers both as Ἑρμῆς τετράκεφαλος and as Ἑρμῆς τρικέφαλος, and which is an object of some interest on account of the allusion to it in the Τριφάλης of Aristophanes. It is impossible here to discuss the question at length; those who wish to pursue it may consult the following authorities. (Phot. l.c. and s.v. Τρικέφαλοι; Harpocrat. s.v. Τρικέφαλος Ἑρμῆς, with the note of Valesius; Hesych. s. v. Ἑρμῆς τρικέφαλος; Etym. May. s. v. Τρικέφαλος; Aristoph. Frag. Triphal. No. 11, ed. Bergk, ap. Meineke, Frag. Com. Graec. vol. ii. p. 1168, ed. Dindorf, in Didot's Bibliotheca, p. 510; Süvern on the Clouds of Aristophanes, p. 87.) This Hermes was set up by Procleides or Patrocleides, the friend of Hipparchus ; and therefore, if Raoul-Rochette be right, Telesarchides must have flourished under the Peisistratids, and probably before the murder of Hipparchus in 514 BC. (R. Rochette, Lettre à M. Schorn, pp. 412, 413, 2d ed.)

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