Teleson and Mnasitimus (gr. Telespn, Mnasitimos), are names belonging to a family of Rhodian artists, with whom we have become acquainted through the inscriptions recently discovered by professor Ross in the Acropolis of Lindos, in Rhodes, from two of which we learn that Mnasitimus, the son of Teleson, made a bronze statue of Onomastus in Lindos, and Mnasitimus and Teleson together made a bronze statue of Callicrates. Ross supposes that the Mnasitimus of both inscriptions was the same person, and that, as the former Teleson was the father, so the latter Teleson was the son, of Mnasitimus, chiefly because, in the second inscription, the name of Mnasitimns is put before that of Teleson. (Ross, Inschriften von Lindos auf Rhodos, Nos. 5, 6. in the Rhein. Mus. 1846, vol. iv. pp. 171-173.)

From the same source we learn that there was a statuary Mnasitimus, the son of Aristonidas, as Ross, with great probability, completes the name, the inscription giving only . NASITIMOSARISTO .......; and it is most likely that we have here the very artist whom Pliny mentions only as a painter. (H. N. xxxv. 11. s. 40. ┬ž 42; Ross, l. c. No. 11, pp. 180. 181).

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