Timocharis of Eleuthernae

Timocharis, a sculptor of Eleuthernae, in Crete, whose name occurs in an inscription, found at Astypalaea, as the maker of a statue dedicated to Asclepius, by a certain Archimenidus, the son of Arithmius. The style of the letters of the inscription is that of the period of the Roman dominion in Greece. (Böckh, Corp. Inscrip. Addend. vol. ii. p. 1098, No. 2491, b.; R. Rochette, Lettre à M. Schorn, pp. 445, 446, 2d ed.) His name also occurs in one of the inscriptions found by Ross, at Lindos in Rhodes, as the maker of a statue of Nicasidamus, priest of Athena Lindia (Rhein. Mus. 1846, vol. iv. p. 169), and again in another Rhodian inscription, also discovered by Ross, as the maker of a dedicatory statue of a certain Xenophantus. (Ross, Hellenika, pt. ii. p. 108.)

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