Timocrates of Sparta

Timocrates, a Lacedaemonian, was one of the three counsellors (Brasidas and Lycophron being his colleagues) who were sent to assist Cnemus after his first defeat by Phormion in the Corinthian gulf, in 429 BC. In the second battle there shortly after, Tímocrates was on board of a Leucadian galley, which was one of the twenty fast-sailing ships appointed to prevent the Athenians from escaping to Naupactus. This vessel, in the pursuit, far outstripped the rest of the squadron, and the hindmost Athenian galley, closely chased by it, wheeled suddenly round a merchant ship which was lying at anchor, struck her pursuer in the centre, and sank her. Timocrates hereupon slew himself, and his body was washed into the harbour of Naupactus (Thuc. ii. 85-92).

Battle of Naupactus

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