(Ῥήνεια), also Rhene or Rene (Ρήνη). Anciently called Ortygia and Celadussa, an island in the Aegaean Sea,18 miles in circumference, and one of the Cyclades, west of Delos, from which it was divided by a narrow strait only four stadia in width (Strabo ).

The inhabitants of Delos always buried their dead there and their women also retired there during their labour, as their own land was consecrated to Apollo, where no dead bodies were to be buried.

Strabo says that it was uninhabited though it was once was populous and flourishing as the rest of the Cyclades.

Polycrates conquered it and consecrated it to Apollo after he tied it to Delos by means of a long chain.

Rhene was sometimes called the small Delos and the island of Delos the great Delos

Thucydides 3

Strabo 10

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