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Athena (Minerva)

Athena (Minerva) goddess of wisdom, of teachers, potters, ...wearing the aegis breastplate made from goat skin and with the gorgon head.

Athena used for national products advertisement

Athena Chalinitis with Pegasus

"This is the account that I read, and not far from the tomb is the temple of Athena Chalinitis (Bridler). For Athena, they say, was the divinity who gave most help to Bellerophontes, and she delivered to him Pegasus, having herself broken in and bridled him" Pausanias

Athena Slim like a Fashion Model., 100 years University of Athens 1837-1937..

and 50 years later Athena and 150 years Kapodistrian University of Athens

Greek Stamp, Athena's birth from Zeus head (Germans have a special word “Kopfgeburt”, a head birth, probably derived from this mythological story ). Image from Black figured vase, 6th century BC, Musee du Louvre, Paris

Athena and her Chariot, Cyprus Stamp

Athena and the Argonauts

Athena from the Aphaia Temple protector of NATO (The Atlantic Alliance)


Athena Promachos, 12.10.1969, Design P. Gravalos

Austria stamp with Athena Parthenos

Athena of Piraeus, discovered 1959 in Piraeus together with other sculptures such as Apollo (Kouros) and Artemis

The Gods of Olympus

Athena Parthenos of Pheidias

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