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Mythology is the study of whatever religious or heroic legends are so foreign to a student's experience that he cannot believe them to be true, (Robert Graves 1968 ) New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology

Da die Götter menschlicher noch waren, waren Menschen göttlicher. ("Since the gods were more human-like, humans were more god like.) Friedrich Schiller Die Götter Griechenlands (The Gods of Greece, 1st version)

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Thetis dipping Achilles in the Styx River, Daumier 1842

Achilles (first name unknown), a baby whose mother gave him a bath, but forgot to wash all of his feet. Later was veteran of the siege of Troy. Died before receiving pension., Gordon, Irwin Leslie

When Alexander invaded Asia Minor, he offered up sacrifice to Priam, and then went to visit the tomb of Achilles. Here he exclaimed, "O most enviable of men, who had Homer to sing thy deeds!" Which made the Eastern conqueror to cry,

"O fortunate young man! whose virtue found
So brave a trump thy noble deeds to sound."
Cobham Brewer

Abderus (Άβδηρος)
Abrota (Αβρώτη)

A Directed Network of Greek and Roman Mythology, Network theory application. Heracles was found to be the first regarding the number of outgoing nodes while Zeus is first in incoming nodes. The Heracles(Zeus) numbers range from 0(himself) to 7(6) and the average Heracles(Zeus) number of the Greek Mythology network is 2.18(2.11)

'My suitor was the river Achelóüs,
who took three forms to ask me of my father:
a rambling bull once, then a writhing snake
of gleaming colors, then again a man
with ox-like face: and from his beard's dark shadows
stream upon stream of water tumbled down.
Such was my suitor.
' (Sophocles, Trachiniae)

Nodding above; behold Black Acheron!
Once consecrated to the sepulchre.
Pluto! if this be hell I look upon,
Close shamed Elysium’s gates; my shade shall seek for none!
Lord Byron

Acheron (Αχέρων)

Achilles or Achilleus according to one interpretation means grief of people (akhos , laos) (maybe laos "people" are his warriors)

Achilles Heel - Achilles tendon - Achilles (Aeschylus)

Achilles Funeral (Odyssey 24, 11-97)

Trojan Asteroid 588 Achilles

  When Patroclus had finished,
he put his arm around Eurypylus' chest, then took
that shepherd of his people to his hut.  Seeing them,
an aide put down some ox hides.  Settling him there,
with a knife Patroclus cut the razor-sharp arrow
from his thigh, then with warm water washed the black blood off.
He put some bitter root onto his hands and rubbed it in, 
something to relieve the hurt, remove all pain.
The wound then dried, and blood stopped flowing.
Iliad Book 11

Achillea (plant) (Why was yarrow named for Achilles?)    

Achilles Last Stand, Led Zeppelin

Acis , Acis and Galatea (George Friedrich Händel )

Dionysus and the nymph Acme, Mosaic Cyprus


Acontius (Ακόντιος)
Acrias (Ακρίας)

Had I the power that some say Dian had,
Thy temples should be planted presently
With horns, as was Actaeon's; and the hounds
Should drive upon thy new-transformed limbs,
Unmannerly intruder as thou art!
Shakespeare , Titus Andronicus 2.3.61

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