Greek and Roman Mythology


Mythology is the study of whatever religious or heroic legends are so foreign to a student's experience that he cannot believe them to be true, (Robert Graves 1968 ) New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology

Da die Götter menschlicher noch waren, waren Menschen göttlicher. ("Since the gods were more human-like, humans were more god like.) Friedrich Schiller Die Götter Griechenlands (The Gods of Greece, 1st version)

A - , Acis and Galatea (George Friedrich Händel )

Dionysus and the nymph Acme, Mosaic Cyprus


Acontius ()
Acrias ()

Had I the power that some say Dian had,
Thy temples should be planted presently
With horns, as was Actaeon's; and the hounds
Should drive upon thy new-transformed limbs,
Unmannerly intruder as thou art!
Shakespeare , Titus Andronicus 2.3.61

Actaeon ()- Artemis to Actaeon (Edith Wharton)
Actor ( )

Aa - Ac, Ad- Al, Am-Ap, Ar-Az

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