Helene (Amazon) ( Saturn moon)

, Heracles Stamps

The Choice of Hercules / oratorio (Georg Friedrich Händel)

Tower of Hercules

Hercules and Gulliver's Travels


Hermes Keryx (the messanger)

Socrates. I should imagine that the name Hermes has to do with speech, and signifies that he is the interpreter (ermeneus), or messenger, or thief, or liar, or bargainer; all that sort of thing has a great deal to do with language; as I was telling you the word eirein is expressive of the use of speech, and there is an often-recurring Homeric word emesato, which means "he contrived"- out of these two words, eirein and mesasthai, the legislator formed the name of the God who invented language and speech; and we may imagine him dictating to us the use of this name: "O my friends," says he to us, "seeing that he is the contriver of tales or speeches, you may rightly call him Eirhemes." And this has been improved by us, as we think, into Hermes. Plato, Cratylus

Hellenistic Period: Hermanubis a God produced by the mixture of the Gods Hermes and Anubis. The Greek rulers of Egypt tried to unite the Egyptian and Greek population by inventing new gods.

Hermes (), Hermes Gallery , (Stamps of Hermes)


As Socrates once explained a Hero is a product of the love between a mortal and an immortal

Hero and Leander, William Etty

Hero and Leander , Hero and Leander ( Text )

Hero and Leander (Friedrich Schiller), Hero and Leander (Lord Byron)

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