Behind figures of heroic legend often stand real men.... As for Palamedes, the Greeks especially knew one thing about him: he was so clever that he devised a way to write down Greek speech.... In Palamedes we may have found the adapter's very name.... We cannot separated the recording of early hexametric poetry from Homer... Homer sang his song and the adapter took him down. From this momentous event came classical Greek civilization and its achievements. B. B. Powell, Homer and the Origin of the Greek Alphabet (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991)

Palamedes ()

Palladium ( )- Palladium, Matthew Arnold

Pallantides ( , Παλλαντίδαι )- Pallas - Pamphilus

Pan Sanctuary

Pan (Saturn moon )

Panacea - Panchaea - Pandareus - Pandarus - Pandia

- Pandion I - Pandion II

Alexander and Perdiccas. When Alexander started for Asia he divided his possessions among his friends. Perdiccas asked what he had left for himself. "Hope," said Alexander. "If hope is enough for Alexander," replied the friend, "it is enough for Perdiccas also;" and declined to accept anything. Cobham Brewer

Pandora , (The Saturn moon , asteroid )

- Pandrosus -

Panopea (asteroid )

- Panopeus ( ,Πανοπεύς) - Papposilenus

Panyassis (or Panyasis)

Pareia -

Paris - Paris Gallery

Parnassius Apollo


Parthaon -

Parthenope ( Main belt asteroid )


Pasiphae (The Jupiter moon Pasiphaë from the Pasiphaë Group)

- Pasithea - Patro

Patroclus ()( Jupiter Trojan asteroid 617 )

- Pedasus- Pegasis -

Pegasus Fountain, Tivoli, Villa d'Este

Pegasus () ,

Peiraeus - Peiranthus - Peiren - Peirene -

Peitho - Peisistratus - Pelasgus -

Thetis and Peleus, Louvre G373


Pelias ( )-

Pelopia - Pelops ( / Πέλοψ)

- Peneleus -

Silvana Mangano as Penelope in the film Ulysses (1955)

As he held his loyal and loving wife,
he cried. Just as it's a welcome sight for swimmers
when land appears, men whose well-constructed ship
Poseidon has demolished on the sea, as winds
and surging waves were driving it, and a few men
have swum to shore, escaping the grey sea,
their bodies thickly caked with brine, and they climb
gladly up on land, evading that disaster,
that how Penelope rejoiced to see her husband.
She simply couldn't stop her white arms holding him
around the neck.

Penelope ()

- Peneus - Penia - Penthesilea - Pentheus - Penthilus - Penthus

Pereus - Periboea -Periclymenus ()- Perieres - Perigune - Periphas - Periphetes - Peristhenes - Pero

- Persephone ()-


Perseus, Benvenuto Cellini, Firenze Loggia

Perseus (), Perseus Gallery

Democracy glorifies Demos, Agora Museum, Athens

Personifications and the Apotheosis of Homer

Homer 28) crowned by the Macedonian Greek Kings of Egypt Arsinoe III and Ptolemy IV who represent the Chronos and Oikoumene (Time and World) (next to Homer Odyssey and the Illiad 26,27) . 15–-25) a crowded group of participants in the procession, who appear as personifications of History, Poetry, Tragedy and Comedy, Physis, Arete, Mneme, Pistis and Sophia. 25) the young boy is Mythos (Myth) and the girl 23) History. One source considers the persons behind History (23) moving to the right as tragedy, comedy, nature, integrity, memory, fidelity, and wisdom although 2 persons are then without identification. See the Apotheosis of Homer


Petalus , Peteus



Phaedra (asteroid )

- Phaeton - Phalerus - Phanes - Phanoteus - Phantasia- Phantasos - Phantes

Phaon- Pharis - Pharmaceia - Pharamacides - Pharus -

- Phegeus - Pheme (Fame)- Phemius - Phereclos - Pheres - Pherusa

Philoctetes, Hermonax Louvre G413

Philoctetes, Philoctetes (Sophocles) ,

Philomeides, Philomela - Philomela ( Matthew Arnold), Philomelus

Saturn and Philyra, Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola)


The winged Boreads rescuing Phineas from the Harpies


Phineas / Phineus (Andromeda)

- Phlegethon - Phlegra - Phlegyas - Phobetor -

Medusa and Phobos from the The Gonzaga Cameo




Phoebe (Titan) , Phoebe (Saturn moon)

United States Stamp, Greece with the Phoenix

Phoenix (bird)

Phoenix (Iliad)

Phoronids (name for Amphiaraus and Adrastus)

Philammon - Pholus

Phorbas with the infant Oedipus


Phorcydes - Phorcys - Phoroneus - Phosphorus - * Phrastor - Phrixus - Phthonus

Pa - Ph, Pi - Po, Pr - Py

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