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Talos (ΤΑΛΩΝ ) Coin, c. 300-250 BC, Crete, Talos hurling stone

Talos according to Ray Harryhausen in the movie Jason and the Argonauts.

Talos ()

Talthybius ( )


Tanais ()

Then I saw Tantalus in agony,
standing in a pool of water so deep
it almost reached his chin. He looked as if
he had a thirst but couldn't take a drink.
Whenever that old man bent down, so keen
to drink, the water there was swallowed up
and vanished. You could see black earth appear
around his feet. A god dried up the place.

Tantalus ()

Taphians - Taphius -

Tarentum coin with Taras


Taraxippus ()

Targitaus - Tartarus - Taurocephalus - Tauropolis - Taygete -


Tectamus - Telchines - Tegeates -Tegyrios - Telamon

Teleboas - Telegonus -

Telemachus ()- Telemus

Telephassa - Telephus ()

- Telepylos -

Aclepius with his children Hygeia and Telesforos, Marc Aurel Coins, Pergamon


Telesto - Telete - Telethusa


Temenus - Tenages - Tenerus - Tenes -

Tennyson Alfred Lord (Demeter and Persephone )


Tereus as a Hoopoe (Upupa epops)

The hoopoe also changes its colour and appearance, as Aeschylus has represented in the following lines:—
The Hoopoe, witness to his own distress,
Is clad by Zeus in variable dress:-
Aristotle History of Animals, Book 9

Aristophanes' The Birds

The king of birds, transformed from Tereus, King of Thrace, twitters in the following style. "Epopopopopopopopopopoi! io! io! come, come, come, come, come. Tio, tio, tio, tio, tio, tio, tio! trioto, trioto, totobrix! Torotorotorotorolix! Ciccabau, ciccabau! Torotorotorotorotililix." Alfred Guy Kingan L'Estrange Ancient Greek Humour

Tereus ()


Terpsichore ()( asteroid 81 Terpsichore ) (Rita Hayworth as Terpsichore and other Muses)

Tethys () (The Saturn moon Tethys)

Teucrus ()- Teumessian fox - Thalassa -

Thalestris (the Amazon) and Alexander the Great

Thalia -(Main Belt asteroid )

San Ildefonso Group, Madrid Prado(Maybe Hypnos and Thanatos, or Orestes and Pylades or the Dioscouri)

Thanatos (Death)

- Thaumas

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