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Sabazios (a god imported from Phrygia)

Hermaphroditus: "Away from me cold-blooded woman
Your thirst is not mine"
Salmacis: "Nothing will cause us to part
Hear me, O Gods"

Unearthly calm descended from the sky
And then their flesh and bones were strangely merged
Forever to be joined as one.
Genesis, The Fountain Of Salmacis

Salmacis -


Salmoxis (see Zalmoxis ) (Thracian god)


Sanctuaries, Map

Sleeping Satyr, Munich Glyptothek, c. 220 BC

The oldest of the Satyrs they call Sileni. Wishing to know better than most people who the Satyrs are I have inquired from many about this very point. Euphemus the Carian said that on a voyage to Italy he was driven out of his course by winds and was carried into the outer sea, beyond the course of seamen. He affirmed that there were many uninhabited islands, while in others lived wild men. The sailors did not wish to put in at the latter, because, having put in before, they had some experience of the inhabitants, but on this occasion they had no choice in the matter. The islands were called Satyrides by the sailors, and the inhabitants were red haired, and had upon their flanks tails not much smaller than those of horses. As soon as they caught sight of their visitors, they ran down to the ship with out uttering a cry and assaulted the women in the ship. At last the sailors in fear cast a foreign woman on to the island. Her the Satyrs outraged not only in the usual way, but also in a most shocking manner, Pausanias


- Scamander - Scheria -

Shield of Achilles

Sciapodes of Ctesias

Sciron the robber - Schoeneus -

Akragas Tetradrachm, two eagles with a hare, the monster Scylla and a crab, Text AKRAGANTINON, Scylla is a genus of crabs, including the mangrove crab Scylla serrata.

Selene - Selene (Anna Hempstead Branch)

Semele - Serapis -

Si - Sz

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