Antaeus () was the son of Gaia and Poseidon. He obtained his power from the contact with his mother Gaia (Earth). Herakles while on his way to obtain the apples of Hesperides met Antaeus in Libya. Herakles killed Antaeus by lifting the giant off the ground until he was too weak to resist.

Antonio Pollaiuolo (Antonio del Pollaiolo) , Hercules and Antaeus, 1470

Hercules and Antaeus , Hans Baldung

Hercules and Antaeus, Andrea Mantegna

William Blake, Antaeus

Hercules and Antaeus, Antonio del Pollaiuolo 1478

As when Earth's son, Antaeus (to compare
Small things with greatest), in Irassa strove
With Jove's Alcides, and, oft foiled, still rose,
Receiving from his mother Earth new strength,
Fresh from his fall, and fiercer grapple joined,
Throttled at length in the air expired and fell
Milton, Paradise Regained


La Sfida dei giganti, Italy 1965, directed by Maurice A. Bright


Hercules and Antaeus

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