Botticelli Primavera / Triumph of Spring

Primavera (1478) by in 1481. I think, on the contrary, and I will prove it elsewhere, that the great productive period of Botticelli belongs to the ten last years of the century and that the Primavera should be classed in this period. The Primavera represents, with The Birth of Venus and The Adoration of the Magi, the culminating point of Botticelli's art.

Jouin, Chefs-d'œuvre; Peinture, Sculpture, Architecture (Paris, 1895-97).



See notably the Stanze of Politian, where one will find nearly all the details of Botticelli's picture; the shady grove, the flowery meadow, even the attitudes and the garments of the personages. Is it not a figure of Botticelli's which is thus described:

"She is white and white is her robe,
All painted with flowers, roses, and blades of grass."

Botticelli, La Primavera / Springtime , Aphrodite, Eros , Hermes, Zephyrus, the Graces, Nymphs and much more a Masterpiece of visual Botanology (see parts enlarged and the amazing details)

Botticelli Poster, Various Sizes including Primavera

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