Zeus / Jupiter Gallery

Part 1

Jupiter et Thétis, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres 1811

She [Thetis] found Zeus,
wide-seeing son of Cronos, some distance from the rest,
seated on the highest peak of many-ridged Olympus.
She sat down right in front of him. With her left hand,                                 
she clutched his knees, with her right she cupped his chin

Zeus as an infant, relief

Zeus and Hera and the winged messanger goddess Iris. Zeus carries a thunderbolt.

Heracles present the horn of Achelous

to Zeus and Hera

Zeus and Ganymede. Ganymede holds a cock in his hand, a love gift from the god, Penthesilea Painter, 450 BC, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Ferrara [Source]

Pyrrhus Tetradrachm, Zeus Dodonaios, Dione with a stephanos on a throne, Basileos Pyrrou Greek Text produced probably in Italy

Jupiter cameo Louvre Bj1820

Part 2

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