Aetomilitsa (Greek: Αετομηλίτσα) is a community in the Ioannina Prefecture, Greece. Population 304 (2001).

Aetomilitsa and Grammos mountain


Aetomilitsa is a mountain village on as side of Grammos. It was in the past known as Denisko or Densko (Ντένισκο).

Aetomilitsa is known from the history of the civil war in Greece, as a seat of the rebels, the so-called "Democratic army" with their leader Markos Vafiadis forming the "goverment of the mountain".

The result was that many villagers had to move to other places, including East Europe. Also like in all other places in Greece many moved to larger cities. In the last years the population of Aetomilitsa increased.

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