Elliniko, Arcadia

Elliniko or Ellinikon in western Arcadia, Greece is a village on a road in the middle between Dimitsana and Megalopolis. It is part of the municipality of Trikolones. The population is tiny, and olive trees dominate agriculturalism. It is the birthplace of the previous mayor of Athens until 2002, Avraamopoulos. It is located about 23 km S of Dimitsana, about 15 km SW of Stemnitsa, about 50 km W of Tripoli, nearly 29 km NW of Megalopoli, 4 km N of Karitaina and GR-76 8 km SW of Stemnitsa and nearly 29 km E of Andritsaina.

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  • Latitude: 37.523 (37°31'24') N
  • Longitude: 22.075 (22°4'38') E

Postal code: 220 22

Elevation: 720 m

Dialing code: +11+30-27910 (030-27910)

Historical population

Year Communal population
1981 401
1991 349
2001 367

The population from 1991 to 2001 revived growth and was one of the only places in the municipality that saw population increase.

The area has a school, a church, and a square (plateia).

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the village was known as Moulatsi.

Until the pavement of the road and the one linking Karytaina and Dimitsana in the mid-20th century, the village didn't had paved roads or electricity. Until the mid-1980s, much of the houses were stone-built.

In 2001, a fire consumed much of the forest north and east of Elliniko. It burnt trees, farms, and it was burning for a few days. The consumption was small.

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