Isaris, Isari

Isaris (Greek: ), also Issari, Isaris or Issaris is a Greek village located around 15 km southwest (old; 10 km) from Megalopoli and around 6 km northwest of the GR-7/E65 (Kalamata - Megalopoli - Tripoli). Isari is connected with a road linking the highway and Vasta Isari is also in the municipality of Megalopoli. Its population in 2001 was 500.

Nearest places

* Vasta, west
* Isoma, north
* Tripotamo, east


The geography consists of a mountains terrain that are covered with pine and spruce forests with grasslands in some areas and the mountaintop, farmlands are in the valley areas particularly within the village and it includes olive groves, pastures, fruits and vegetables and other crops. A part of the area are forested.


Year Municipal population

1981 368
1991 236
2001 218


The highest recorded population were in the early to mid-20th century, the population has been falling since the mid-20th century, particularly after the two conflicts, the World War II and the Greek Civil War as people went for a better livestyle and jobs elsewhere in Greece and the other parts of the world (mainly North America), its decline has rarely slowed in the late-20th century.

Worsely Isari was strucked by a forest fire that streamed up north from nearby Chrousa and consumed much of its forests and grasslands, several flames were valley and reached 70 to 80 m and were seen from the village and the valley areas, several lasted for hours. The fire happened on Sunday August 26, 2007 and continued for a few days. Residents along with firefighters, choppers and planes battled the blaze for hours and days and disintegrated during the mid-week and transformed a natural greenish scenery into an ugly ashy black ground that may take years to grow back. Several houses were burnt. The fire later entered into nearby Petrovouni but it slowed by cooler temperature but still hot at 32┬░ C. The flames did not burn into Lykosoura.


Isari has a small school, a church, and a square (plateia), its nearest lyceum (middle school) and gymnasium (secondary school) are in Megalopoli. Isari also has a hotel that is of the same name.


* History and Information about Isari

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