Nea Ekklisoula

Nea Ekklisoula or Nea Eklissoula (Greek: meaning a new church), is a Greek village located around 3 to 4 km NNE of Megalopoli, 9 km north from the nearest interchange with the GR-7/E65 (Kalamata - Megalopoli - Tripoli), about 45 km southeast of Andritsaina, about 16 km southeast of Karytaina and about 37 west-southwest of Tripoli. Nea Ekklisoula had a population of 73 in 2001. Mavria is also in the municipality of Megalopoli. Nea Ekklisoula is linked with a road linking Megalopoli and Lykocheia.


Nea Ekklisoula is next toa nearby river. The mountains cover the northern and the eastern portions. Forests dominate the western and the central parts and the mountain areas, farmlands are in the central and western parts as well as the village area. Its panorama includes the Lykaio mountains to the west, the mountains to the north and east and some to the south.


Year Municipal population

1981 122
1991 89
2001 73


* History and Information about Nea Ekklisoula

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