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Trapeza (Greek: ) (also with the first a accented) is a Greek town located nearly 60 km southeast by the old road and east of Patras, about 10 km west of Aigio, west of Corinth, about 154 km west of Athens and north-northwest of Kalavryta. Trapeza had a population of 210 in 2001. Trapeza is in the municipality of Diakopto. Its older name was Nea Voura (Νέα Βούρα)

Diakopto municipality, Trapeza on the right side, Satellite image

Diakopto Google Earth

Trapeza is located in a mountainous area. The mountains cover the southern and the central portions and are made up grasslands and bushes, farmlands cover the rest of the area. The Gulf of Corinth is located to the north and has a beach which makes the village famous. Its main crop are fruits and vegetables, cattle, olive, dairy and a few others. Its panorama includes the mountains to the south, the Panachaiko to the southwest and the mountains of Phokida to the north.

In the area is where the ancient city of Bura may be located. In the village, it has a beautiful beach called Pounta or Pounda (Πούντα).


Paralia Trapezis or Trapeza Beach (Παραλία Τραπέζης) [2001 pop: 51]


Year population

1981 271
1991 252
2001 310


Trapeza has a school, churches, a post office, and a square (plateia). Its nearest lyceum (middle school) and its gymnasia (secondary school) are in Diakopto. Its nearest hospital is at Aigio.

Municipal district of Trapeza

  • Trapeza / Δ.δ. Τραπέζης [ 361 ]
    • Trapeza / η [ 310 ]
    • Paralia Trapezis / η Παραλία Τραπέζης [ 51 ]


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