Erastus (Gr. Ἔραστος), of Scepsis in Troas, is mentioned along with Coriscus, a native of the same place, among the disciples of Plato (Diog. Laërt. iii. 46); and the sixth among the letters attributed to Plato is addressed to those two Scepsians. Strabo (xiii. p. 608) classes both men among the Socratic philosophers. (Ast, Platon's Leben u. Schrift. p. 519; C. F. Hermann, Gesch. u. System d. Plat. Philos. i. pp. 425, 592, &c.)

He was also a friend of Aristotle.

Scepsis is located nearby Atarneus in Asia Minor, to which Aristotle and Xenocrates traveled after Plato's death.

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