Eleuther in Greek Mythology is a son of Apollo and Aethusa, the daughter of Poseidon, was regarded as the founder of Eleutherae in Boeotia. (Steph. Byz s. v. Eleutherai.) He was the grandfather of Jasius and Poemander, the founder of Tanagra. (Paus. ix. 20. ┬ž 2.) He is said to have been the tirst that erected a statue of Dionysus, and spread the worship of the god. (Hygin Fab. 225.) There are two other mythical personages of the same name. (Plut Quaest. Gr. 39; Steph. Byz. s.v. Eleutherai.)


Apollodorus 3.10.1, Pausanias 9.20.1

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