Isoma Karyon

Isoma Karyon or Isoma Karion (Greek: ) is a Greek village located around 10 km west-northwest (old; 10 km) from Megalopoli as well as the non-freeway standard of GR-7/E65 (Kalamata - Megalopoli - Tripoli) or the old road. Isoma Karyon is also in the municipality of Megalopoli. Isoma Karyon is connected with a road linking the road linking to Kyparissia, Thoknia and the major town of Megalopoli.


The highest recorded population were in the early to mid-20th century, the population has been falling since the mid-20th century, particularly after the two conflicts, the World War II and the Greek Civil War as people went for a better livestyle and jobs elsewhere in Greece and the other parts of the world (mainly North America), its decline has rarely slowed in the late-20th century. One exception that it saw a return of its population growth between the 1981 and the 1991 census, the trend was only short lived, the population return to a declining level due to the majority of the population are mainly over 50.

Nearest places

* Kourounios, north
* Kyparissia, northeast
* Thoknia, east
* Kalyvia Karyon, south
* Kastanochori, southwest


The geography consists of farmlands that are mainly groves and pastures with fruits and vegetables and other crops that cover the east and north as well as forests around the area covering over 60 to 70% of the area, the mountains lies to the west and features a few grasslands. The Lykaio mountain lies to the northwest. The lignite mining area which has used to produce electricity for its nearby power plant is to the northeast and has been mined since the 1970s


Year Population

1991 168
2001 115


Isoma Karyon has a church, and a square (plateia), its nearest lyceum (middle school) and gymnasium (secondary school) are in Megalopoli. Its nearest school is to the east



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