Stasippus of Tegea

Stasippus of Tegea was a leader of a party of Tegea which was fa vourable to Sparta. When Archidamus III. was sent, in 371 BC, to succour his defeated countrymen at Leuctra, Stasippus and his friends were in the height of their power, and Tegea therefore zealously assisted the Spartan king with reinforcements. In 370 BC, Stasippus successfully resisted in the assembly the attempt of Callibius and Proxenus to change the existing relations of Tegea to Sparta, and include it in the proposed federative union of all Arcadian towns. His opponents hereupon had recourse to arms, and Stasippus defeated them in battle, but did not make as much of his victory as he might have done, through reluctance to shed the blood of his fellow-citizens. The democratic leaders were less scrupulous, and, having been reinforced from Mantineia, got Stasippus and many of his friends into their power, and murdered them after the mockery of a trial. (Xen. Hell. vi. 4. § 18, 5. §§ 6, &c.; Val. Max. iv. 1, Ext. 5.)

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