Greek Artists, List of Paintings

Angelos Akotantos

Jesus and Saint Paraskevi

Ioannis Altamouras


Panos Aravantinos

The Love for Three Oranges
Toula Aravantinou
Uniforms of the Hellenic Army
Xifir Faler

Georgios Avlichos

Girl at the window
Girl from Kefalonia
The Family of the Painter

Dimitrios Biskinis

A brushstroke from a star
Abduction of Europa
Bacchic Dance
Lamentation of Itia

Michail Damaskinos

Adoration of the Magi
Allegory of the Holy Communion
John the Baptist
Saint George with scenes from his life
Saint Matthew
The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist
The Stoning of St. Stephen
Touch me not

Kostis Desyllas

Odysseas Androutsos

Nikolaos Doxaras

Birth of Virgin Mary
The Dormition of the Virgin Mary

Nikos Engonopoulos


Angelos Giallinas

Benitses Corfu
Corfu and Pontikonissi
Houses in Corfu
In the market
Keratios Kolpos
Old olive tree
Pontikonissi 2
The temple of olympian Zeus with the Acropolis in the background

Aristeidis Glykas

S. S. Kyra Panagia II
S. S. Santorini
The Yacht Greece

El Greco

A Lady in a Fur Wrap
Adoration of the Shepherds
Allegory of the Camaldolese Order
An Elderly Gentleman
Antonio de Covarrubias
A View of Toledo
Apostles Peter and Paul
Apparition of the Virgin to St Lawrence
Baptism of Christ
Christ as Saviour
Christ Carrying the Cross
Christ in Agony on the Cross
Christ on the Cross
Christ on the Cross Adored by Two Donors
Christ on the Cross with the Two Maries and St John
Diego de Covarrubias
Jerónimo de Cevallos
John the Evangelist
Julián Romero de las Azanas and his Patron Saint
Mary Magdalene in Penitence 1
Mary Magdalene in Penitence 2
Mary Magdalene in Penitence 3
Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest
Poet Ercilla y Zuniga
Portrait of a Cardinal
Portrait of Doctor Rodrigo de la Fuente
Portrait of a Gentleman
Portrait of a Gentleman 2
Portrait of a Gentleman from the Casa de Leiva
Portrait of Jorge Manuel Theotokopoulos
Portrait of An Old Man
Portrait of Rodrigo Vázquez
Portrait of a Sculptor
St. Andrew and St. Francis
St. Dominic in Prayer
St. Francis in Prayer before the Crucifix
St. Francis Meditating
St. Francis Praying
St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata 1
St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata 2
St. Ildefonso
St, Jerome
St. Jerome as Cardinal
St. John the Baptist
St. John the Evangelist
St. John and St. Francis
St. Louis, King of France, with a Page
St. Luke
St. Peter
St, Peter in Penitence
St. Sebastian
The Agony in the Garden
The Annunciation
The Burial of the Count of Orgaz
The Coronation of The Virgin
The Coronation of the Virgin 2
The Coronation of the Virgin 3
The Disrobing of Christ (El Espolio)
The Disrobing of Christ 2
The Ecstasy of St Francis
The Holy Family 1
The Holy Family 2
The Holy Family 3
The Holy Family 4
The Marriage of the Virgin
The Purification of the Temple
The Repentant Peter
The Virgin of the Immaculate Conception and St John
The Virgin Mary
The Virgin Mary 2
View and Plan of Toledo

Nikolaos Gyzis

After the Destruction of Psara
Apotheosis of Bavaria, Study
Apotheosis of Bavaria, Study
Arachne (The spider)
Art and her spirits
Artemis Gyzis
Artist's psyche
Boy with cherries
Capuchin monk
Carnival in Athens
Carnival in Athens Study
Dance of the Muses
Eros and the Painter
Examination of Dogs
Forced recruiting of christian boys
Grandmother dancing with her Grandchildren
Houses in Megara
Joseph in jail
Learning by heart
Man with hat and kerchief
Middle Easterner with fruits
Nymph and Eros
Oriental Warrior
Pasrty man
Penelope weaving the shroud
Room in Tyrol
Table with cake and two bottles
The barber
The Engagement of the Childen
The New Age
The orphans
The step mother
The Vow
Triumph of Religion, Study
Triumph of Religion, Study
Vernal Symphony

Georgios Iakovidis

Church in bloomed field in Bavaria
Cold Shower
First Steps
Fruit Platter
Girl from Megara
Grandma's Favorite
Head of old man
Iphigeneia in Tauris
Olga Hatzilouka
Olga of Greece
King George I
Kou Kou
The Actress Pasta
The Children Concert
The Combing of Granddaughter
The Naughty Grandson
The wife and the son of the artist
The Girl
Woman with flowers

Dionysios Kallivokas


Nikolaos Kantounis

Greek priest
Panagiotis Samartzis
The Pharmacist Dikopoulos

Georgios Klontzas

The Second Coming

Lykourgos Kogevinas

Landscape in Thessaly
Battleship Averof in Constantinople
The Temple of Aphaia, Aegina
View of Corfu

Konstantinos Kontarinis

St Lucian's miracle, the saving of Spyridon Voulgaris,

Nikolaos Kounelakis

Girl with hydria
Nikolaos Kounelakis
Old man and death
Tax collector and Pharisee
The obolus of the widow
Woman undresses
Zoe Kampani
Zoe Kampani (2)

Nikolaos Koutouzis

Dionysios Solomos
Saint Anna

Emmanouil Lampardos

Saint Minas
Touch me not

Demeter Laccataris


Polychronis Lempesis or Lembesis

Child with Rabbits
Death of Cleopatra
Girl with Pigeons
Head of Jesus
Lady Iatrou
Lady with a white cap
Maria Dragoumi
Nude woman
Old Sourmpaina
Old Sourmpos
Portrait of a child,
Portrait of a girl
Self portrait
Seminude child
Still Life
Young SailorStill Life
Young Sailor

Nikiforos Lytras

Burning of the Turkish Flagship
Christos the niger
Funeral Flowers
Lady in White
Lady with a Glove
Nun at a brazier
The Kiss
The Milkman
The wife of the artist at the easel

Nikolaos Lytras

Georgios Drosinis
Peeling Quinces
Portrait of Miss M. Hors
The Milk
Woman with Rose

Ioannis Oikonomou

Art critic
Michail A.Averof

Ieremias Palladas

Saint John the Hermit

Manuel Panselinos

Jesus Christ
Saint John the Evangelist on Patmos
St. Mercury

Periklis Pantazis

Automnal landscape
Child with a top
Lady with a fan in front of a mirror
Landscape with cows
Newspaper Reader
Mrs. N. Varvogli
Periklis Pantazis
Reclining Nude
Sea shore
Still Life with a duck
Still life with white flowers
Still Life with an oil lamp
Still Life, Still Life with a woman
The sharpening of a pencil, Sea shore, Landscape , Jesus, Reveller , Child with a top

Konstantinos Parthenis

The Head of Christ

Andreas Pavias

Crucifixion Detail
The repose of Saint Ephraim the Syrian

Ioannis Permeniatis

Adoration of the Magi
Virgin Vrefokratousa

Skoufos Philotheos (Scuffo Philoteo)

The Communion of the Apostles and the Transmission,

Gerasimos Pitzamanos

Portrait of a woman

Theodoros Poulakis

Noah's Ark
Saint Nicholas and scenes from his life
The Virgin Vrefokratousa

Pavlos Prosalentis

Ship in Sea

Spyridon Prosalentis

Themistoklis Trikoupis
Gerasimos Zochios
Kalidona Trikoupis
Sailing in the dawn

Theodoros Rallis

Icon Painter in Athos,

Oriental Bath,

Iakovos Rizos

Soiree Athenienne

Symeon Savvidis

All around
Castalian Spring
Chinese tower
Courtyard of the monastery Panagia Koukouson
Fellah Woman with her child
Escape to Egypt
Girl in the countryside
In the garden
Oriental bath
Oriental woman with mirror
Portrait of a child
Symeon Savvidis
Turkish girl with water pipe
Woman laid down
Young German woman

Theofilos or Theophilos

Adam and Eve
Athanasios Diakos
Baker's shop
Countryside barbers
Countrywoman from Corfu
Cropping in Molyvos
Dance of Evzonoi and villagers in Megara
Dancing bear
Giannis Kontos,
Greek dancer
Gulf of Geras
Konstantinos Palaiologos
Leonidas Androutsos
Married couple from Pilion
Olive harvest , Mytilini
Panagis Koutalianos
Phrixus on the golden ram
Seaside village of Mytilene
Shepherds of Cheimara
Shepherd from Messolonghi
Turkish Coffee house
Villager from Mytilini
Zalongos Dance

Theophanes the Cretan

Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Michael

Dionysios Tsokos

Boats of Greeks

Nikolaos Xydias Typaldos

Dimitrios Vikelas
Sleeping baby
The Brother of the Painter

Emmanuel Tzanes

St. Mark the Evangelist

Dionysios Vegias

Marinos Vegias

Nikolaos Vokos

Portrait of the Physician Aretaios

Konstantinos Volanakis

Before the Storm
First Nautical School in Hydra
Isthmus of Corinth
Preparation for fishing
Roman Ruins
Street with Cypresses
The Arrival of Karaiskakis at Faliro
Village street
Women Washing at the River

Theodoros P. Vryzakis

The Camp of Karaiskakis
The Oath Being Taken in the Church of Aghia Lavra
The sortie from Missolonghi

Markos Zavitsianos

Plain and clouds
The Father of the painter

Panagiotis Zografos

A. The Battle of the Greeks against the Turks at the bridge of Alamana, B at Agia Marina in Stylida, C at Patrakitsi
Battles of Argos Agionorio Korinthos
Battles of Greeks in Karpenisi and Kaliakouda
Battle in the Chani tis Gravias
Battle of Lagkados, Kompoti and Peta
Battles in Peta
Battle of Tripolitsa
Fall of Constantinople
First Battle of Athens
Sea Battles of the Greeks
The fair decision of God for the liberation of Greece
War in Vasilika

Greek Artists , Sculptures