Periphery: Central Macedonia
Prefecture : Thessaloniki.

Map of Chalastra, Thessaloniki

Chalastra (Greek: ) is a municipality in the Thessaloniki Prefecture, in the region of Central Macedonia. It is located 20 km west of the city of Thessaloniki, on the Greek National Road 1 near Axios river and the Thermaic Gulf. The Municipality of Chalastra consists of two Municipal Departments: Chalastra and Anatoliko. Municipality seat is Chalastra, city of the homonymous municipal district. The population was 9837 inhabitants according to the 2001 census, most of them living from agriculture and small industry.


Chalastra was town of Mygdonia in ancient Macedonia, situated on the Thermaikos gulf at the right mouth of the Axios river. A lot of the population was absorbed in Thessaloniki on its foundation by Cassander. There are not many remains of the town, but it is consider that, its location was near modern Kulakia. Other names of the town was Campania, and Pyrgos.

Division of the community

  • Chalastra / Δ.δ. Χαλάστρας -- η Χαλάστρα [ 7298 ]
  • Anatoliko / Δ.δ. Ανατολικού -- το [ 2539 ]

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