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Epanomi (Greek: ) is a city, population 7333 in 2001, part of the Epanomi municipality in the Thessaloniki Prefecture, Greece with a population 8671 (2001).
it is a place with a longlenth historic path as it is supposed to be the second most old, establishment in Macedonia(Greece) after Aggelohori (as the archaeologist Theocharis Pazaras signifies with his work) since it exists from the neolithic period..it is mostly a town which bases its economy on tourism and farmery. It is well known also for its coasts and organized beautiful beaches (with a blue flag) that the majority of thessaloniki's citizens prefer to go because of the short distance, and for its tradition in good Wine and Tsipouro ( a strong distilled alcoholic beverage containing approximately 60 percent alcohol by volume and is produced from the pomace (the residue of the wine press)).

Epanomi is c. 25 km SW of Thessaloniki. As Epanomi it is known from the 14th century.

The municipality is divided in

  • Epanomi / Δ.δ. Επανομής -- η [ 7333 ]
  • Mesimerion / Δ.δ. Μεσημερίου -- το Μεσημέριον [ 1338 ]

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