Map of Menemeni, Thessaloniki

Menemeni (Greek: Μενεμένη) is a municipality in the Thessaloniki Prefecture, Greece. Population 14910 (2001).


Soon after the 1912 release and the incorporation in the national trunk of the Greek territories of Macedonia, the Municipality of Thessaloniki was recognized by the “Official journal of the Hellenic Republic 98/5-5-1918) on 3 May 1918. The particular conditions that prevailed, the local peculiarities and the dynamics of developments determined so much the development of the Municipality of Thessaloniki that the communities slowly began to integrate. Between these also Menemeni, that was created by families of refugees afterwards the Asia Minor destruction in 1922. In 1926 Menemeni was extracted from the municipality of Thessaloniki along with the settlements of Charmankioi, Lempet, Eykarpias and Kara-Isin and they constituted the Community of Charmankioi, in which were added the settlements of Neos Koykloytzas aka Evosmos, Ampelokipon, Neas Menemenis and Neou Kordelioy. This community included itself once again in the Municipality of Thessalonika in 1929. Until 1934 the Municipality of Thessaloniki included almost entire the built-up urban group of city. With the “Official journal of the Hellenic Republic 23/34” in 1934, important realignments in the administrative limits of Municipality of Thessaloniki came into effect and new communities were created. Thus, the settlements of Menemeni, New Charmankioi, New Bosporus, New Menemenis constituted the Community of Menemeni. The communities of Eleytherio, Menemeni, Pylaias and Triandria were recognized as municipalities afterwards the inventory of year 1981, when population increased bigger than the limit of ten thousands of residents.


Public transport in Menemeni is currently served only by buses (Route 20 Menemeni-Ermou). The bus company operating throughout the city is called Organismos Astikon Sygkoinonion Thessalonikis (OASTH).

An underground service is about to be launched near 2010 operating, at the beginning at least, mainly in the center of the Thessaloniki city. Further expansions on the west side are still under consideration for the "Thessaloniki Metro".

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