Ancient and Modern Thermo (Image Kostas Koukoulis, Greek Wikipedia)

Thermo is a small city in the Aetolia.Acarnania prefecture. Its population was 2266 in the year 2001. It is the seat of the Thermo municipality with a population 9299. It is 42 km from Agrinio.

Thermo was a center of the Aetolian League. Kosmas Aitolos was born in the village Megalo Dendro (or Mega Dendron) near Thermo .

Place of interest

  • Trichonis lake near Thermo is the largest in Greece.
  • Monastery of myrtias build 1491
  • The church Agios Nikolaos /¬†Taxiarchon in the village Aghia Sophia build using material from an ancient Artemis temple.
  • The archaeological Museum of the city

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