Periphery:West Greece
Prefecture : Aitolia-Acarnania

Satellite image of the Anaktorio municipality with the Lake Voulkaria, Vonitsa im the upper center

Vonitsa with its Venetian Castle and the Ambracian Gulf, (Photo Christos Makrozachopoulos, Greek Wikipedia)

Vonitsa (Greek: ) is a city in the Aetolia-Acarnania prefecture. Its population was 4081 in the year 2001. It is the seat of the Anaktorio municipality with a population 8830 .

Anaktorio was the name of an important ancient city of Acarnania founded by Corinthians in 630 BC. With the foundation of the city Nicopolis by the Romans the population was forced to move to the new city. During the Byzantine period it was named Vonitsa. Then in 1470/1480 the region was under Ottoman control except between 1684 to 1797 a period of Venetian rule. and one year later it is conquered by Ali-Pasha. Since 27.4.1832 it is again part of Greece.



http://www.akarnania.net/vonitsa/ (mainly in Greek currently)

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