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Michael Lahanas

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Part 3

Greek Cup Depicting Arcesilas II, King of Cyrene Watching The Weighing and Loading of Silphium
French School
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Archytas of Tarentum made a wooden pigeon that could fly; and Regiomontanus, a German, made a wooden eagle that flew from Koenigsberg to meet the emperor, and, having saluted him, returned whence it set out (1436-1476).
This engine may be contrived from the same principles by which Archytas made a wooden dove, and Regiomontanus a wooden eagle.—Dr. John Wilkins (1614-1672).

Archytas, Archytas (mathematics) & Archytas (philosophy)
Arctinus of Miletus
Ardices of Corinth
Aregon of Corinth
Aretaeus of Cappadocia
Arete of Cyrene
Areus I
Areus II

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Portraits garden is perfect unless it contains a portrait of Aristotle or one of Pittakos. Juvenal

Aeschylus – Aristophanes, Aristotle – Euthydemus, Galen – Hypereides, Isocrates -Lysimachus

Menander – Pericles, Pheidias – Protagoras, Ptolemy I Soter – Pythagoras , Sappho – Zeno